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A farce adapted from georges feydeau's original french

"We must be calm. We must have savoir faire! Enter!"
Janice Reid and Peter Graham, February 2001

A new translation and adaptation of a lesser known play by the  great master of French farce.  Every bit as frantic
and funny as his better known shows, this one has the advantage of a smaller cast and lesser technical
Synopsis: Have you ever seen a Feydeau farce? Same plot, only turned sideways. What does the plot matter? It's just an excuse to make innuendoes (innuendii?), drop pants, slam doors and run around maniacally. What more do you want from a play?
"And me, I get my pants!"
Brady Johnson, Karen Bernique, Joe Laxton and David Jacklin,
October 2012

For those who must have a plot: Leontine is bored with her husband Duchotel and is tempted by the advances of Duchotel's friend Moricet. Convinced that Duchotel is cheating on her, she goes to Moricet's apartment on Rue D'Amour -- where Duchotel happens to be carrying on an affair with another friend's wife. First, the concierge, then Duchotel's nephew, then Duchotel himself and, finally, the police all arrive to turn a tryst into a trial.
"Do you always get this grumpy when you change your pants?"
David Bird and Joe Laxton, October 2012

He's not a bell rope. February 2001
"He's not a bell rope!" Robert Del Grande, Michael Sneyd, Janice Reid, Peter Graham, February 2001

DUCHOTEL, a grocer, 35-45
MORICET, his friend, a doctor, 40-50
CASSAGNE, Duchotel's friend from the country, 50+
GONTRAN, Duchotel's nephew, 20-25
BRIDOIS, commissioner of police
LÉONTINE, Duchotel's wife, 25-35
Mme LATOUR, the former Comtesse de Latour du Nord, now a concierge
BABET, the maid chez Duchotel or ETIENNE, the butler

Optional: 2 police officers; Madame Cassagne (20-25)

3 acts; 140 minutes INCLUDING 2 intermissions;
2 interior sets