of David's works
with links to works available on this site
Plays (and plays with music)

The Last Deadman, a drama with music about Canada's last fatal duel
Hero’s Welcome, a drama with music about a soldier's return in 1945
Uncle Corbett Lives In The Attic, a farce about bureaucracy
Free Spirits, an improbable farce after Noel Coward
Mister Chase! (translation and adaptation from Georges Feydeau)
Gaslight (adaptation from Patrick Hamilton)
Snowed Under (adaptation of a screenplay by F. Hugh Herbert and Brown Holmes)
7 Keys To Baldpate (adaptation from George M. Cohan's mystery farce)
Panto Can Be Murder, a backstage, murder-mystery farce
The Country Wife (adaptation from William Wycherly)
Charlie's Aunt (adaptation from Brandon Thomas)
Willm Shaksper a play based on a work by H.F. Rubinstein and Clifford Bax
Rain, based on W. Somerset Maugham's novella
The Maltese Falcon (adapted from the novel by Dashiell Hammett)
Generals Die In Bed (adapted from the novel by Charles Yale Harrison) *
One Body Too Many, a comic thriller based on a movie script (available soon)
The Admirable Crichton, a comedy adapted from the play by J.M. Barrie (available soon)

Musicals (and revues)

The Day We Flipped Mike’s Chev, a country musical, with co-composer Mike Erion
Death And Taxes, The Musical, a musical about small town politics
Howard Winston’s Last Flight, a musical fantasy, written with and from a play by Dan Black
MapleLeaf Up/MapleLeaf Down, a musical revue about Canada in the Second World War
Lysistrata, a musical based on Aristophanes
Generals Die In Bed (adapted from the novel by Charles Yale Harrison) *
The Diaries of Adam & Eve, a new musical inspired by stories by Mark Twain (available soon)

* GDIB appears twice, because I'm not sure if it's a play or a musical!

Christmas shows

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, a musical choral adaptation of Charles Dickens's novella
The Chimes, a musical choral version from Charles Dickens's story
The Holly Tree, a new all-original musical based on stories by Charles Dickens
The Cricket On The Hearth (Rehearsed), a comic melodrama based Dickens's story and a play by Dion Boucicault
The Christmas Mysteries, a musical adaptation of the 14th century mystery cycle plays

The Marks Brothers Melodramas

Intro to the Marks Brothers, a special page to introduce Canada's Kings of Repertoire
The Wolf, based on a play by  Eugene Walter
The Tyranny of Tears, based on a play by C. Haddon Chambers
Oh, You Kids!, a farce based on a play by Walter Richardson and an anonymous farce
Wedding Bells, based on a play by Edward Salisbury Field
Bought And Paid For, based on a play by George Broadhurst
The Title, adapted from a play by Arnold Bennett
The Lure of the Lights (Or Why Women Sin), an original ragtime musical from an anonymous script

For Children

Cinderella (panto; only licensed when paired with productions of Panto Can Be Murder)
Little Red Riding Hood (Or Her Eyes Were Bigger Than Her Teeth) (panto; available soon)
The King's Cream (a children's musical) (1 act)
What Samuel Aloycious Theodore Herman Michael Jones Got For Christmas, a one-man musical story for children
Sam Aloycious Theodore Herman Michael Jones's Second Biggest Adventure, a one-man musical story for children
Samuel Aloycious Theodore Herman Michael Jones Save The Day, a one-man musical story for children
Scrooge (1 man version for children)
Tales Tale And True (Eastern Ontario historical show)


Shivaree! (aka The Shaping) (a full-length musical for the centennial of the city of St. Thomas, Ontario; with co-composer Ron Dossenbach)
Refractions, a musical fantasy (1 act)
Terminal (a drama, co-written with Eric Keenleyside) (1 act)
The Ivy Room (a two-act mystery with Laurie Fyffe, withdrawn)
It's A Great Life, If You Long Weekend (political semi-improv show, multiple versions)