a new play
based on a screenplay by
Richard Sale
A drama as up-to-date as today's headlines

A 1954 movie starring Frank Sinatra,
A 2013 movie starring Ray Liota

In public domain due to the intricacies of copyright law,
we believe this is the first stage adaptation.

Don't you move!
brings into question the whole idea of patriotism, jingoism
and what it is to be an American
A hit-man and his pair of henchmen come to the tiny town of
to kill a president
and a family are caught in the crossfire
Suddenly graphic
moves its audience in real time
from domestic tranquility
to domestic terror
drama; full length; one act
approximate running time: 90 minutes
(plays in real time)
4 male / 2 female / 1 under ten
1 interior set
special props needed, including stage handguns and a long gun