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A holiday musical based on stories by Charles Dickesn
Angela. December 2000
A delightful new musical based on the most delightful Christmas story that Dickens never  wrote -- but should have.

The  Holly Tree, as Dickens wrote it, is a novelette containing the germ of a longer tale.  Taking that as a starting point, I've incorporated characters, plot elements and dialogue from nearly a dozen other of Boz’s lesser known pieces, sometimes one word at a time. Every word is 100% Dickens, but it's also 100% Jacklin.

Filled with humour and music, this is perfect holiday entertainment.

"All souls aboard the Birmingham High Flyer"
from The Morning. December 2000

"Jacklin just may have created a new holiday classic."
The Smiths Falls Record-News
Harry, a bashful man, finds that his beloved Angela prefers his best friend, and decides to quietly leave his life in Victorian England for America.

Instead, he finds himself snowed in over Christmas
at the Holly Tree Inn, where his reflections on his life bring about some changes.

Along the way, we meet Tom Grig, a lamplighter with vision; Sophie, the parlour maid with plans; Mrs.  Lirriper and The Major, innkeepers with an understanding; and Cobbs, whose benevolent wisdom helps Harry through his crisis.
Sophie, The Housemaid. December 2000
The Attack. December 2000
Musical Numbers
Act One
The Morning
A Boy’s Story
Sophie, The Housemaid
Better Than A Picter    
My Poor Lirriper
Wait For The Giants
Tom’s Fate
I Saw A Man
Act Two
Your First Christmas Tree
The Attack
I Married A Mermaid    
Annie Laurie
You’re Nobody’s Enemy
Finale (The Morning, reprise)
2 acts; approx. 130 minutes plus intermission

Unit set with additions or full staging

Principals: 5 men/4 women/3 boys/2 girls;
Others: minimum 2 additional men/2 additional women; preferred 3 to 5 each.

Instrumentation: Piano or 13 piece orchestra