Ghost Stories logo
A musical chiller
Painted some 12 years after the events depicted in the musical,
the little white cabin on the right side of the shore is very likely the spot where Ghost Stories took place.

An horrific, gripping and deliciously
macabre musical about a true story of
murder, greed and revenge at Oliver's
Landing, Upper Canada (now Rideau
Ferry, Ontario) in the 1820's.

Sort of a Canadian Sweeney Todd,
but this is true!
Robin Mossley as Archy and Sandy Hill as Ioyan
Premiere production, August 1984

In the 1820s, the Olivers ran the ferry across Big Rideau Lake and converted their cabin to a small inn to accommodate the  occasional late traveller,  for Mr. Oliver,  being a prudent man, would never cross
the lake at night. They did very well with this.

You might say, they made a killing at it.

John Stephens as The Narrator, August 2016
Act One
1. Overture, Instrumental
2.  A Happy Life, Oliver, Mrs. Oliver
2a. A Happy Life, button Oliver
3. What If? Archy, Elspeth, Oliver, Mrs.
Oliver, Bumfry

3a. Donaghie's Entrance. Instrumental
4. Before You Judge . . ., Narrator, Others
5. Gelt! Oliver, Mrs. Oliver
6. For You Elspeth, Archy
7. Pleasant Little Murders, Company
8. Human Nature, Martin
9. What If?, reprise Elspeth, Archy
9a. Chase Music, Instrumental
10  Rationale, Mrs. Oliver, Oliver

Act Two
11. Victims, Oliver
12.  Isn't This Lovely, Love?, Mrs. Oliver, Oliver
13. Elspeth, Archy
14. Song in which Elspeth expounds her broad knowledge of inter-sex relationships, Company, Elspeth
15.Foolish Youth, Company
16. Constable Donaghie, Mrs. Oliver, Oliver
17. Before You Judge . . . , 1st reprise, Company
18. Love Song Elspeth, Archy
19. Before You Judge . . . , 2nd reprise, Company
20. Gelt!, reprise Mrs. Oliver
21. Isn't This Lovely, Love?, reprise Oliver
22.  Finale (Life Is . . . ) Company
23. Finale Ultimo Instrumental
Above: The Opening "All in all, it's a happy life." August 2016
Below: the author as Mr. Oliver; Julie Kevan as Mrs. Oliver, August 2016
"A bright, new theatre talent . . either a play with lots of music or a musical show with lots of spoken lines; either way, it's a winner! It's grim, funny, clever, thrilling, indeed!"  CBC Radio One

"Followers of good theatre can all rejoice. (Ghost Stories) is believable, bewitching and, best of all, blatantly unpredictable."
Brockville Recorder & Times

2 acts; 100 minutes plus intermission
8 male/ 5 female/ chorus; unit set;
piano or 9 piece orchestra or recorded accompaniment.