Little Red Riding Hood logo

Or Her Eyes Were Bigger Than Her Teeth
A panto

Red and her thoughts
(or Her Eyes Were Bigger Than Her Teeth)

is a fresh take on an old tale´╗┐.
With an all-new story, fun characters, original music and a lot of twists, it is laugh-out-loud fun for all.

Granny Smith
Granny Smith leads the company and the audience through the adventure (at least until the Narrator gets there) with a sing-along and more.
Granny Smith, Red's granny on the other side of the forest; the Dame
Little Red Riding Hood, whose name is actually Lisa
Mother Hood, Red's Mom
Peter, The Woodcutter, the Principal Boy
The Big Bad Wolf, who is big, bad and a wolf
Inky, one of the three little P.I.G.'s
Pinky,  another of the three little P.I.G.'s
A Bear (played by the Narrator)
Little Red Riding Hood
(in the original) is a very thin story at best: about 4 paragraphs long.
Our new version is a full evening (or afternoon) of laughs and fun.

Little Lisa Hood (she's not so little anymore) lives on the edge of a dark, scary forest with her mother, Mother Hood. Mother Hood sends Red into the forest to take a basket of fresh bread to her senile old granny.  You know the story.

Meanwhile, Granny (Granny Smith, by the way) is on the other side of the forest, fighting off wolves and bad tech cues (as well as filling in for the Narrator, who doesn't arrive until Scene 5). Red skips through the forest, meeting a woodsman, a wolf and two of the Three Little P.I.G.'s on the way.

It's the second act that's filled with twist after twist as Red gets to Granny's house and quickly gets eaten by the Big Bad Wolf -- but you can't end a panto that way! So, the company take another couple of swings at getting a proper "happily-ever-after" ending.

All in an hour and forty minutes, including an intermission!

 Whispered to my wife: "Don't tell your husband, but he's a genius!" (C.M. Westport)
I agree.

"I hope your insurance is good! I hurt here -- and here -- and here -- and here -- all from laughing at your jokes!"  L.S. Lanark

Inky Pinky and Red
The Narrator sings
The script is all-new (or as all-new as a panto script can be),
the score is a mix of original material and adaptations of old music,
the laughs are all-new -- fresh at every performance.

Once Upon A Time
Some audience comments:

"I haven't heard my husband laugh so hard in a long time!"
(-- which is both a review and a story in itself.)
"Simply wonderful!"
"Oh, so funny!" -- and
"Best. Finale. Ever!"

Inky Pinky and Mother
´╗┐2 acts; approx. 95 minutes plus intermission

Set: multiple locales.
We used projections on flat panels.

No additional pieces other than a couple of stools and a tripod with a lyric sheet