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Two Days To Marry

A farcical scream
Chase and Pink
Scott Duncan and Pamela Hom
as Chase and Pink, August 2007
Oh, You Kids! is based on an anonymous one-act farce from the Marks archive
that is filled with laughter
a not-as-funny, full-length, non-Marks play that just happens to be in the public  domain and uses almost exactly the same plot and character set!

Brought together, they are a fun-filled, highly entertaining evening.

Oh, you kids!
Matt Cleary, Kelsey Johnston, Hugh McCulloch
Oh, You Kids! August 2007
A very eligible (if very broke) bachelor finds that he has just two days to get married or lose a million
dollar inheritance.  Candidates appear from all corners – far too many, as the young man and his cohorts lead his rich uncle on a merry chase.  Set in the Roaring ’20s, it is colourful and hilarious.
I'm gonna marry you!
I'm gonna marry you!
Mr. Chase and Miss Pink, August 2007
Mop the floor with you!
Pamela Holm, Kelsey Johnston, Matt Cleary, David Jacklin, Oh, You Kids! August 2007
Optional specialty songs (score included):

Where Did You Get That Girl?
The Doo-dah Blues
Can You Tame Wild Wimmen?
Slow and Easy

4 acts; 1 intermission
4 men / 3 women

1 int. set