Plan 9 From Outer Space

The Musical

Plan 9 graphic
The company sing the opening song (from the 2020 movie version)
Before you listen to the music on this page,
be sure you download (or just open onine) the
Vocal Score and/or the libretto from the last page.

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The music files below are extracted from the movie version of Plan 9 The Musical and they include FX and dialogue from the movie. They sound pretty darn good, if you ask me.
Zombie Clay
Clay, the zombie, walks (from the 2020 movie version of the show)
Musical Numbers

Act One

No 1 The Science Fiction Overture.mp3

No 2 Plan Nine From Outer Space.mp3

No 3 The Shadows of Grief-A Time To Live.mp3

No 4 A Time To Live reprise.mp3

No 5 Space Love.mp3

No 6 Plan 9 From Outer Space reprise.mp3

No 7 It's A Saucer.mp3

No 8 Your Pillow By My Side.mp3

No 9 Near The Cemetery.mp3

No 10 The Lost Roses Of Her Cheeks.mp3

No 11 Eros Calling Earth.mp3

No 12 The Bell Has Rung.mp3

Act Two

No 13 Entr'Acte.mp3

No 14 That's Why I Hold You (In My Arms).mp3

No 15 There's Something Out There.mp3

No 16 The Zombie Walk.mp3

No 17 The Zombie Walk reprise.mp3

No 18 I A Fiend.mp3

No 19 Everything's On Fire-Eros Calling Earth reprise.mp3

No 20 God Help Us In The Future-Plan Nine reprise.mp3

No 21 Finale Ultimo.mp3

No 22 Audience Playout.mp3