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A rock'n'roll musical based on Ed Wood's 1959 movie
The Bell Has Rung
Kathleen Everett as Tanna /  Andy Simpson as The Ruler / Brian Atterbury as Eros
in BDP's 2020 movie version
It's a
rock'n'roll, zombie, vampire, teenage hot-rod,
bikini beach, outer space, horror, science-fiction

"Loved, loved (Plan 9 From Outer Space) last evening! So much fun!" H.G. Perth
"Better than the original!" F.B. Arden (Faint praise, indeed!)

Ed Wood's 1959 science-fiction offering is considered
"the worst movie ever made", so bad it's unintentionally funny -- and almost impossible to make sense of.

So, of course, it had to be turned into a rock'n'roll musical!

But, rather than simply make a scene-for-scene copy, this version expands the plot and characters into an intentionally funny, plot-logical (with the original wasn't) and always entertaining musical that uses 1950's B&W horror movie cliches in a new and fun way.


Act One

1 The Science Fiction Overture Instrumental
2 Plan 9 From Outer Space Company/Danny/Jeff/Edith
3 The Shadows Of Grief/A Time To Live Criswell, The Mourners
4 A Time To Live, Reprise Rev. Lynn Lemon, Company
5 Space Love         Tanna, Company
6 Plan 9 From Outer Space, Reprise Company
7 It’s A Saucer         Company
8 Your Pillow By My Side Paula, Jeff
9 Near The Cemetery Company (Teens)
9a Near The Cemetery, Transition Instrumental
10 The Lost Roses of Her Cheeks Jeff, Paula
10a It’s A Saucer, Underscore Instrumental
10b It’s A Saucer, Transition Instrumental
11 Eros Calling Earth         Eros
12 The Bell Has Rung Ruler, Eros, Tanna

Act Two

13 Entr’Acte      Instrumental
14 That’s Why I Hold You (In My Arms) Danny, Edith, Teens
15 There's Something Out There      Jeff, Paula, Col. Edwards, Lt. Harper
15a The Zombie Walk, Preparatory      Instrumental
16 The Zombie Walk      Company
17 The Zombie Walk, Reprise      Company
18 I? A Fiend?      Eros
18a The Zombie Walk, Underscore      Instrumental
19 Everything's On Fire      Tanna, Eros
20 God Help Us In The Future/Plan 9, reprise Criswell, Company
21 Bows & Finale Ultimo      Instrumental/Company
22 Audience Playout      Instrumental

When COVID shut down our planned spring 2020 stage production, we spent the summer turning it BACK into a movie!  Our movie version is on Youtube here!
Watch it and have some fun!

It's A Saucer
Members of the Company sing It's A Saucer
from BDP's 2020 movie version
2 acts; approx. 95 minutes plus intermission
balanced cast - 14 to 26 people, depending on doubling
unit or open setting with multiple additions
rock band: 2 keyboardists; guitar; bass drums
Near The Cemetery
Some loving couples sing of young love and monsters in Near The Cemetery
from BDP's 2020 movie version