The Diaries of Adam & Eve

A musical by David Jacklin
inspired by stories by Mark Twain

The Diaries of Adam & Eve graphic

A note about the music:
The vocals in these files are sung by a computer! (Actually, it's all digital.)

I've found this treatment much better for following along with the book
than simply having an instrumental sound for the vocal lines.

BUT: They can sound pretty weird (I mean, it's a robot, after all).

Double note: a few of the sung words don't agree with the book or score -- changes happen fast.

Triple note: Nos. 2, 11 and 17 are now with actual humans singing them.

Be sure you've downloaded or at least opened
the book or a score first!
Only the principle numbers are included here; no underscore or transition music.
Adam and Eve at The Tree
Adam & Eve at The Tree, original 1904 illustration
Musical Numbers

Act One

No 1 Overture.mp3

No 2 An Experiment October 2020.mp3

No 3 The Day Before Yesterday.mp3

No 4 That's Not What It's Not.mp3

No 5 My First Sorrow.mp3

No 6 You Are Man.mp3

No 7 Such A Lonely Creature.mp3

No 8 She.mp3

No 9 Taste The Fruit.mp3

Act Two

No 10 Entr'Acte.mp3

No 11 The Garden Is A Dream October 2020.mp3

No 12 Been There Named That.mp3

No 13 He.mp3

No 14 It's A Fish.mp3

No 15 Am I My Brother's Keeper.mp3

No 16 Forgiveness.mp3

No 16 The Generations of Adam October 2020.mp3

No 18 Wherever She Was.mp3

No 19 Bows and Exit.mp3