The Diaries of Adam & Eve

A musical by David Jacklin
inspired by stories by Mark Twain

The Diaries of Adam & Eve graphic
Eve and the Sunrise
I'm Almost A Whole Day Old Now, original 1904 illustration
This show is inspired by two stories by Twain, but goes far beyond them.

Two creatures wake to find themselves in a garden -- and then have to find themselves in a brand-new world.

A little bit cynical, a little bit reverent,
a little bit irreverent -- and a lot funny.

An all-original rock score.

2 male / 2 female
Need to be young-ish; physically fit;
rock-oriented voices

2 multi-keyboards
2 guitars
My First Sorrow, original 1904 illustration
Adam and Eve
The Garden Is A Dream, original 1904 illustration
Wherever She Was, There Was Eden
Wherever she was, there was Eden, original 1904 illustration


(According to the Hebrew Book of Jubilees (iv 1-12),
Cain's wife's name was AWAN or AVAN or AVEN.
AZURA was Abel’s wife, although she doesn't appear in this.)

2 acts; approx. 110 minutes plus 1 intermission

The Setting
Act One: The Garden of Eden
Act Two: outside the Garden of Eden, near Buffalo, New York (apparently)

The Time
6,000 years ago?  Maybe.  Depending on who you talk to.
Musical Numbers
Act One

1: Overture (The Creation)
2: An Experiment
3: The Day Before Yesterday (with An Experiment, reprise)
4: That’s Not What It’s Not
5: My First Sorrow
6: You Are Man
7: Such A Lonely Creature
8: She
9: Taste The Fruit
                                 Act Two

10: Entr’Acte
11: The Garden Is A Dream
12: Been There – Named That
13: He
14: It’s A Fish
15: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
16: Forgiveness 
17:The Generations of Adam
18: Wherever She Was (There Was Eden)
19: Bows & Exit